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Debut album. Originally released in 2003. Re-issued in 2007 on Monotreme Records.

“Barzin’s self-titled debut album is a gorgeous marriage of mood, minimalism and melancholia. Imagine Slint’s quieter moments or Hayden’s more gothic opuses and you’ll have an idea of Barzin’s approach… This is a morose masterpiece, an exercise in understatement that leaves the listener wanting more…” 

“… a sad beauty worthy of entry among the slow-core canon of Red House Painters, Cat Power, Low, et al”. 

These are some of the many praises showered on the eponymous debut album of Toronto singer/songwriter Barzin, which was originally released in North America on Where Are My Records (2003), and also had a short-run release in France and Italy on the French label Ocean Music. The album was re-issued worldwide on Monotreme Records in 2007.


Barzin H. – all vocals, guitars
Andrew McPherson – Rhodes & drum loop on 4 
Dave Austin – piano on 5
Lewis Melville – pedal steel on 1 & 3 Broken radio on 8 
Sam Cino – drums on 1, 3, 5 & 7
Sando Perri – Lapsteel guitar on 8 
Brett Higgins – double bass on 1, 2, 3, 5 & 7
Tamara Williamson – Back up vocals on 3 
Walter Kofman – keyboard on 2, 4 & 8