September 2020 updates

Over the past three years, I’ve divided my time between working on a new album, as well as a soundtrack to a film entitled, Viewfinder. The new album is nearing completion and is set to be released next year. The soundtrack work has wrapped up and it is being made available, through Monotreme Records, ahead of the release of the film. You can find the music through all the various platforms including Spotify:

For other streaming services:

About the Film
Viewfinder is a feature film by the British director, Jason Yeomans ( It explores themes of alienation and isolation and one’s attempt at finding meaning and connection through art. The story follows a misfit photographer who begins shooting a project on the streets of London, inspired by the last image he has of his ex-girlfriend, while an altercation with another troubled soul leads him towards an unhealthy obsession.

To inhabit such roles is not an easy task and the lead actor, Josh Sutherland, gives a convincing portrayal of a person whose interior world is unravelling. But one can never be sure what forces are being unleashed within oneself by taking on such difficult roles and tragically, several months after completing shooting, Josh took his own life. Despite casting a shadow over the film’s post production, Josh’s family encouraged the film to be finished.

New Album. Rolling Stone premiere

The new album, To Live Alone In That Long Summer, is finally completed. It will be released worldwide on Feb. 25th through Monotreme Records, excluding Italy. It will be released in Italy through Ghost Records on March 2nd.

You can listen to a track from the new album at The song “All The While” premieres today on their website.

The album will not be available until end of Feb. but you can pre-order it now through Monotreme Recordsand Ghost Records.

I couldn’t have made this album without the help of some very wonderful and talented musicians. You can see the list of people involved in the making of this album here.

March 2012 News

Tues. April 10 – Groningen, NL @ Wishful Music (without Great Lake Swimmers)
Wed. April 11 – Amsterdam, NL @ Sound Garden Cafe (without Great Lake Swimmers)
Thu, April 12 – London, UK @ Cargo
Fri, April 13 – Birmingham, UK @ The Rainbow
Sat, April 14 – Manchester, UK @ The Deaf Insitute
Sun, April 15 – Brighton, UK @ Green Door Store
Mon, April 16 – Brussels, BE @ Botanique
Tue, April 17 – Diksmuide, BE @ 4AD
Wed, April 18 – Ottersum, NL @ Roepaen
Thu, April 19 – Groningen, NL @ Vera
Fri, April 20 – Berlin, DE @ HBC
Sat, April 21 – Hamburg, DE @ Prinzenbar
Sun, April 22 – Munich, DE @ Kultur Schranne – Dachau
Mon, April 23 – Basel, CH @ Sud
Wed, April 25 – Brest, FR – InStore @ Dialogues Musiques
Wed, April 25 – Brest, FR @ Le Vauban
Thu, April 26 – Paris, FR @ Petit Bain
Fri, April 27 – Turnhout, BE @ Warande
Mon. April 30 – Varese, IT @ La Sauna Recording Studio (Without Great Lake Swimmers)
Tues. May 1st – Rome, IT @ Blackmarket as part of ‘”unplugged in Monti’ series (Without Great Lake Swimmers)

April 2010 News

7 inch release

The Spanish label, Acuarela, has started a 7 inch series and were kind enough to ask to me to contribute music to it. Two new songs have been recorded for this project. July 2010 has been set as the release date for the 7 inch. Various other musicians such as Mount Eerie, Tara Jane OÂ’Neil, Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu, and many more, will be contributing songs to it. This will be limited release. You can obtain the 7 inch through Acuarela Records directly. http://www.acuareladiscos.coam/index.php?/en/noticias/el_club_del_single_de_acuarela

A final word about the 7 inch–In order to bring these songs together, I received help from many wonderful musicians and engineers. Here is the list of contributors:

The song “There will be Time For” was recorded by Jeremy Darby at Canterbury music. Mixed by David Hermiston at Inception sound. Musician: Nick Zubeck on electric guitar, Dee Planche on backing vocals, Darren Wall on double bass. Marshal Bureau on drums. Burke Carroll on pedal steel guitar. Robbie Grunwald on vibraphone and piano.

The song “Sad and Beautiful World” recorded and mixed by Chris Stringer and Jamie Bunton. Musicians: Mike Findlay on lap steel guitar. Chris Stringer on Bass. Jamie Bunton on drums.

Cover design by Gabriel Mastey.


“Nuummioq” is the first international film from Greenland, directed by Torben Bech and Otto Rosing. The song “Over My Blue” was chosen by them for this film. The film premiered at this yearÂ’s Sundance festival.

As well, the Italian filmmaker, Luis, Prieto, has used the song “Past All Concerns” in his latest film, Â“Meno male che ci sei.”

European Tour

A European tour will be undertaken with a full band at the end of April. Here are the dates.

April 27 Paris, France @ Espace B
April 29 Varese, Italy @ Twiggy
April 30 Pisa, Italy @ Caracol
May 1 Verona, Italy @ Il Primo Maggio Del Kroen festival
May 2 Ariano Polesine, Italy @ Porcupine Club
May 4 Roma, Italy @ Init (TBC)
May 5 Cuneo, Italy @ Condorito
May 7 Donosti, Spain @ Lugaritz Kultur
May 8 Santander, Spain @ Café de las Artes
May 10 Algeciras, Spain @ University auditorium
May 12 Vitoria, Spain @ University auditorium
May 13 Madrid, Spain (TBC)
May 14 Valladolid, Spain w/ Retribution Gospel Choir (TBC)
May 15 Zamora, Spain, Sala Berlin

For more updates about the tour please check the website.


On our last trip to Europe we were fortunate enough to shoot three videos for the French music site “La Blogotheque.” The videos were shot by Nathanaël Le Scouarnec during our time at the Kill Your Pop festival in Dijon ( The videos are finally available. You can watch the videos here:

“Southern Souls” can be said to be the Canadian counterpart to La Blogotheque. This project is the brainchild of Mitch Fillion. He is single handedly documenting the entire Canadian music scene. A very admirable task indeed. You can watch the two songs we recently recorded for Southern Souls:

Thank you for your time